You have $100,000 to invest in ten stocks, $10,000 in each (no mutual funds). You may not alter your selections during the semester, and cash is not an option. (Sorry; the purpose of this assignment is not to teach trading. Ad ditional material will be added as the semester progresses.) Select an Internet source and set up 2.One successful portfolio manager, Peter Lynch, has suggested that you should buy stock in companies that you know or whose products you use. Since this strategy may be as good a starting point as any to learn about investing, I have selected five stocks I know or whose products I use. You should select five and track your five against mine. Using the information in the previous assignment, set up a watch ac count that includes both sets. My stocks and their ticker symbols are – – formation on companies include the following: – Coca-Cola (KO) ExxonMobil (XOM) Merck (MRK) Tupperware (TUP) Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRE) Since disclosure is important in investments, you should know that I had a position in each stock at the time this text went to press. a “watch account.” Possible websites with in •Bloomberg: •CNN/Money: •Forbes: •Google: •MarketWatch: •Morningstar: •MSN Money: •Reuters: •Yahoo! Finance: The watch account will help you follow the stocks over time and keep track of your gains or losse

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