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Who do you think is the intended audience and why? What is the means of persuasionpathos, ethos, logos, and why do you think so? Is the persuasion implicit or explicit, and why do you think so? Which of Jib Fowles list of needs/desires is being promoted? how so? If a story is being told, what is it? Are there cultural or historic connotations being used? (like the DKNY apple) How does the composition or placement of people or items help the message get across? Where is the viewers eye being directed? What does the body language of the models positioning suggest? How is the lighting, the shadowing, the color working to create meaning? Is there word play or innuendo being used? how so?
Who do you think is the intended audience and why? I believe that the intended audience in this advertisement is for soccer players looking to enhance their performance. With the big words on the left of the individual stating “Explosive Speed” and the name of the shoes below, they are trying to grab the attention of the soccer players looking to wear comfortable shoes during the duration of their games. The fiery smokes coming out of the shoes are implying that wearing the “Vapor 8” shoes will help athletes run faster and better their performance. What does the body language of the models’ positioning suggest? The player in the ad is on a soccer field wearing his team uniform in running position. This suggests that while wearing these shoes, the player will have an advantage over his teammates and his opponents on the field when running up and down the field. The player will be able to run faster than all the other players on the field with comfortable…

nd lighter footwear, which will help him get to the ball faster in order to score a goal. What is the means of persuasion and why do you think so? Ethos is what I see as the means of this ad. The model used in this advertisement is physically fit and his muscles are toned, in doing so they are implying that he is a athletic. Rather than using more heavyweight, it would be harder to believe that the shoes give you an “explosive start”. As a former athlete, coaches teach you to run with proper running form which is being displayed in the advertisement. Using all of these methods, the athlete’s character makes him credible of being successful.


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