We interviewed with international teachers about their first-year experiences. I uploaded the interviews. This is a qualitative study but it’s not in the best quality. We need to change some parts and add more information. 
-First, the references are not related to the topic and are insufficient. We need to change the references and they should have 3 or more references. 
-Our topic is international teachers’ first-year experiences and challenges. The introduction and literature review should be more related to the topic of the study. When we read the introduction and literature review, we don’t know what the study is about. So, We need to be more clear for those sections. 
-After literature review part, we need to add research question or hypothesis
-We should add more information in the results and findings part. 
-we should make suggestions to future research based on our findings.
-We need to add connection to literature in discussion section. 
-We need to generalize the responses of the teachers. We need to add another column for Appendix A to put the generalization in the column. 

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