View the following video: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.2. Your writing prompt is:After viewing the video, summarize what the speaker is telling us about the “science of happiness”. What does his research really tell us about being happy? Support your opinions and beliefs with a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles and our textbook.The following is the grading template that is used for all written assignments, including this Short Essay.Organization: must use essay format. Use of intro (thesis)/body (evidence)/conclusion (restate introduction). Be sure to clarify thesis statement. Continue use of transitional words and phrases to connect paragraphs and use support concepts form the text that supports the essay format/content.Mechanics: correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.Content: answer prompts. Content is cohesive and opinions and beliefs are supported by textbook and/or peer-reviewed literature from the library.APA: correct use of citations and references.Can use the textbook as well as peer-reviewed articles from the library. Be sure to get support from the writing center, online tutorial support, and the librarian.The Short Essay length is 3-5 pages. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font. A cover page and reference page are required. The peer-reviewed articles must be from a psychological journal. These journals are available through the Library.

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