This question is based on the “Behavioral Finance at JP Morgan” (JPM) Case – which is attached along with this exam for your use. In a nutshell and as you will see in a moment, question 1 requires you to develop a mini case that is based on the JPM case. The specific questions/items that I want you to answer for this question are listed below. After reading and understanding the case, please answer all the following questions/items.1. Just list all the key behavioral phenomena discussed or mentioned in the said case.2. Just list all the key behavioral phenomena that you have learned in this class so far and as covered in your three sets of required readings: Shefrin textbook, Montier textbook, and the required articles.3. Just list those key behavioral factors that are listed under item 2 in above but not listed under item 1 in above.4. Rewrite the textual/conceptual (the no-quantitative) portion of the JP Morgan case by discussing all the phenomena you have listed under item 3 in above. In your rewrite, make sure to just briefly explain each phenomenon/factor first, and provide an example or explanation of your own similar to the case’s “Everyday Examples of –” (those examples are highlighted in yellow in the JP Morgan case in the exhibits part toward the end of the case.) In your rewritten case you may just refer to the specific Exhibits or Figures in the main case instead of recreating those exhibits, figures, etc in your rewrite.5. Close the rewritten case by adding a conclusion at the end in which you explain how the rewritten case can help investment decision making.

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