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The paper should offer information and insight of areas not covered in the course content for the topic. It should be between 5 and 7 full pages of text writing, excluding the title page, Abstract, and reference pages. Minimum of 3 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals (peer-reviewed journal articles have doi numbers). It is a requirement to list doi number in your reference list. Additionally, the 3 peer-review journal articles need to be drafted in the last five years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017). There should be a minimum of four references. It will allow students to use textbooks, dissertations, government web sites and organizational websites after they fulfil the peer-review journal requirement. The references should be listed in the reference list at the end of the paper. Each article has to be cited at least once in the text of the paper.  Direct quotes are not recommended and avoid paraphrasing authors.  We expect students to read the articles and write in their own words when citing the articles in the text.  The quality of written assignments is strongly based on the ability of students to do critical thinking.  The papers need to follow the American Psychology Association (APA, 6th ed.) writing style for academic and scholarly papers. 
You should use the APA Assignment Template provided or submit your assignment in APA format. 
Assignment-3 – Position papers
You will select one health care stakeholder for each of your Assignment-3 position papers.
Examples of stakeholders are Federal Government, Local Government, Providers, Nurses and Clinical staff, Pharmaceutical, etc. 
You will discuss the involvement of the stake holder, ethics or law, finance and funding, the benefits and disadvantage, the influence the stakeholder has on the health system and the future for the stake hold. You need to support your statement with peer-reviewed journal articles, but I will also accept .gov websites.
Your assignment-3 paper should have 5 – 7 full pages of content. A full page would not allow me to type anything at the end of the page. If I can type anything at the end of the page, it is not a full page. The content pages do not include the title page, abstract page, and the reference pages. You should have at least three peer reviewed journal articles as reference resources. Peer reviewed journal have doi numbers, make sure to list your journal article in APA format with the doi numbers.
Your paper should be in APA format 

· Writer addressed all objectives of the selected topic of the   final research assignment.
· Writer stayed focused on the topic, shows clear evidence of   thorough research. The paper is well organized, concise, complete, correlated   to the research and provide information beyond the course textbook content.
· The paper consists of 5-7 full pages of text writing, excluding   the Title page, Abstract Page and Reference pages

Critical   Thinking
· Writer show critical thinking and analyzing skills.
· Writer addressed assignment using insights and new applications.
· Writer interprets new knowledge and applies it properly.

· Grammar
· Spelling
· Word choice
· Punctuation
· Sentence structure

APA Formatting
· Correct: Title page, abstract and reference page
· Proper in-text citations
· Header is APA format
· Proper margins, indentions, and spacing (sentence and line)
· Font type and size
· Minimum of 4 references with at least 3 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed   journals were used as references and at least cited once in the text.
· No direct quotes or paraphrasing – student used own words
· References in Reference list are in APA format with no active   hyperlinks




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