The ninety-five theses were about Church activities that Martin Luther found particularly detestable, but he had serious problems regarding Church doctrine as well. What activities did Luther find intolerable? How did Luther fundamentally oppose Church doctrine itself?   For what reason were John Frederick of Saxony and many other German rulers attracted to Luther’s ideas? Please be specific.Explain the religious dispute in France in the late 16th century.  What was the disagreement over?  Besides religious issues, what political arguments were at play? What was Henry IV’s role in the dispute, and how did he eventually bring the war to an end?In the 1530’s, Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church and created the Church of England. What was the primary reason for the break? How was the Church of England different from the other Protestant faiths in western Europe, and why?   The English Civil War (1642-1651) was fought between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. What was the main dispute? Who were the leaders of the two sides?  After the war, how was England ruled?  William of Orange was the stadtholder in Holland, fighting for survival against Louis XIV of France. How did he become the king of England in 1688? Why did his position fit England’s needs so well?

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