Stealth URLs — addresses similar to those of other Web pages — are an Internet annoyance. To attract visitors and potential subscribers, some Web pages adopt the domain names of popular Web sites, with minor changes in spelling or top-level domain. Critics claim stealth URLs mislead consumers and weaken the value of the original name. Defendants counter that restrictions on URLs would violate rights to free speech.Should URLs be regulated? Why or why not? Relate your experiences of conducting searches (using a search engine) on the Web to this situation and proper netiquette techniques. Whose responsibility is it to ensure proper searches are conducted over the Internet?Your grade for this assignment will be determined by the guidelines outlined in the Discussion Rubric. Additional Instructions:1. Your final submission should be between 200 – 300 words. Please ensure your submission is a summary in your own words. 2. Submit the link directly to this information within your document (ensure that you include the complete reference information in APA format). If you are not familiar with proper APA format, visit the website.

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