In this exercise, you are expected to continue using data from Case 1 in order to establish practical experience in and better understanding of meditation and moderation.

Select three interval variables from this data set where one of them should be a DV, one of them an IV and a third one a possible mediator or moderator.

Justify your selection of DV, IV, and Mediatior or Moderator. Develop appropriate hypotheses.

Test your moderation hypothesis using SPSS. Interpret the results.

Test your mediation analysis following Baron and Kenny procedure. Interpret the results.

What would you do if you had to test moderated mediation relationship.

Assignment Expectations Your assignment will be assessed against the following expectations:

Your assignment should be 5 pages in total. Make sure you only report the important tables that support your answers to each question.

You are expected to show facility with regression analysis procedures and vocabulary, to use terminology correctly, and to correctly and concisely carry out the assignment steps. It is expected that your assignments will be presented in good academic form, including tables formatted in approximate APA style rather than being simply pasted in from SPSS printout, statistical tests summarized in narrative text containing the information necessary, and appropriate analyses and comments included, not just a dump of the results of a test.

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