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Read the question and answer posted on the website of Christian apologist William Lane Craig at in which he had Prof. Michael Murray of Franklin and Marshall College respond to the following question: Advances in neurology and the human brain continue to discover the very biological foundations for our belief in God and alleged spiritual (or mystical) experiences. In fact, with every advance, the belief in a spirit apart from the brain (or body) continues to retreat since matters that were thought of as emanating from the spirit have reproducible- physical (i.e. biological) causes and dynamics. The bible often speaks about the “spirit” and foundational to Christian faith is the belief in a spirit apart from the body. Doesn’t the new science invalidate this central Christian tenet? Furthermore, don’t these advances amount to the realization that the concept “God” is the result of natural biological processes in our mind? First read the full discussion posted on the website. Then provide your own consideration of the question and response. Would you have asked the question differently? How? Did you find the response satisfactory? Why or why not? 250 words



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