Question:Please, I need help with these questions and I want to get full mark!!Please do not answer the questions if you are not sure about it?Thank you so much for the help.1- What is a bond coupon?A- A discount for buying bondsB- A method for purchasing bondsC- The coupons that used to be “clipped” and redeemed by the holder, who then received the interest paymentD- The principal payment of a bond2- A(n) _________________ is a debt instrument issued by governments and companies for the purpose of raising money to fund construction, take on new projects, or grow business.A- StockB- BondC- CouponD- Equity3- If you need to sell a bond on the secondary market before the maturity date, _________________.A- you will receive only the exact amount you investedB- you will receive less than face value if current interest rates are higher than your bond’s coupon rateC- you will receive more than face value if current interest rates are higher than your bond’s coupon rateD- you will receive less than face value if current interest rates are lower than your bond’s coupon rate4- Selling a bond at a discount is _________________.A- selling the bond for more than face valueB- selling the bond for less than face valueC- selling the bond for face valueD- lowering the interest rate on the bond5- Municipal bonds areA- generally taxable by federal and most state and local taxes.B- generally taxable by federal taxes but exempt from most state and local taxes.C- generally exempt from federal taxes and most state and local taxes.D- generally exempt from federal taxes but taxable by state and local governments.6- High-yield bonds (also known as _________________ bonds) are corporate bonds that are issued by organizations that do not qualify for “investment-grade” ratings.A- convertibleB- jewelC- junkD- lottery7- Corporate bonds _________________.A- have default riskB- have tax advantagesC- are issued by the federal governmentD- provide ownership in the corporation8- The present value of a bond is calculated by discounting the future _________________ to be received from the bond.A- coupon paymentsB- principal paymentC- cash flows (coupon payments and principal payment)D- interest9- Buying a(n) _________________ is a simple and good way to get into real estate investing.A- houseB- foreclosed propertyC- apartment complexD- lot of development10- A type of real estate investment in which a person or company buys property for a low price with the intention of improving it and reselling it quickly is calledA- a REIT.B- rental property.C- flipping property.D- turnover property.11- REITs are investments in _________________.A- real estateB- stockC- bondsD- All options are correct.12- Which is not an advantage of owning rental properties?A- Tax advantageB- Passive incomeC- Depreciation risksD- Asset appreciation13- _________________ is a legal document that offers securities or mutual fund shares for sale, explains the offer, includes the terms, issuer, and planned use of money, and provides historical financial statements.A- LeverageB- ProspectusC- EquityD- Mortgage14- The key in flipping is to buy property at least _________________ below market value.A- 5%B- 10%C- 15%D- 20%15- Return on investment (ROI) is driven by _________________.A- leverageB- the loan interest rateC- how long it takes to sell the assetD- the inflation rate16- Most real estate agents charge _________________ as a commission to sell your property.A- 1-2%B- 3-5%C- 6-7%D- 8%

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