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Paper length:5 pgs.; 12 pt. font; 1 inch margins; double-spaced (you will lose points if you do not follow these instructions.
Topic: Each of the 4 Classic theorists we’ve discussed talk about changes associated with the advent of industrial capitalism. Pick one and talk about how his ideas are helpful (or not) towards understanding our model world. You can use as many, or as few concepts from the theorist you choose as you want. Similarly, you can pick something specific about the modern world like cell phones or a current event, or something on a macro-scale like the economy. The basic idea is you’re going to apply something from one of the classic sociological theorists to something modern.
Papers should be written in standard paper format with a thesis statement (at the end of the first paragraph) that’s supported by the body paragraphs of the paper. For example, if you want to write about how Marx concept of alienation is helpful towards understanding the modern tennis shoe industry, you’re thesis should state that, and the following paragraphs would describe how Marx is helpful for understanding the tennis shoes market. Your body paragraphs should be organized in terms of themes, therefore I highly recommend making an outline as this will help you to organize your thoughts into a paper-format. Your last paragraph/section should be a conclusion where you sum up your argument.
It should look something like this.

oThesis statement at end
Point one addressing your thesis statement
oSupporting points
oSupporting points
Point two addressing your thesis statement
oSupporting points
oSupporting points
Point three addressing your thesis statement
oSupporting points
oSupporting points

Although this is not a research paper, you will probably need to use some citations – I don’t care what style you use as long as it’s consistent throughout the paper. Make sure to use both in-text citations and a Works Cited (Bibliography) page. You are not required to use peer-reviewed sources, however, if they’re helpful, by all means do so. just use the example.
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