Week 4 Assignment BSA400 Write a 4-6 page paper that address

Week 4 Assignment BSA400 Write a 4-6 page paper that addresses the following areas relevant to the implementation of an enterprise-level business system: Discuss which specific methods for implementation can be used at the enterprise level. Describe which specific tools for implementation can be used at the enterprise level . Provide an example of a well-defined implementation process . Discuss the benefits from a well-defined process for this implementation. Provide an example of some of the metrics that can be applied to measure the effectiveness of the implementation. Describe how a change control process can be a part of a systems implementation.

ACC401 Week 2 Individual Assignment Chapter 4, complete prob

ACC401 Week 2 Individual Assignment Chapter 4, complete problem 53 and problem 55. 53. Under the terms of a divorce decree executed May 1, 2008, Rob transferred a house worth $650,000 to his ex-wife, Linda, and was to make alimony payments of $3,000 per month. The property has a tax basis to Rob of $300,000. a. How much of this must be reported on Lindas tax return? b. Of that amount, how much is taxable gain or loss that Linda must recognize related to the transfer of the house? 54. Under the alimony recapture rules, what amounts are designated for recapture reclassification, and what are the tax consequences? 55. Indicate whether each of the following items is considered a for AGI, (above-the line) deduction for the 2009 tax year. Chapter 5, complete problem 54, problem 61, and problem 62 54. Steve purchased a personal residence from Adam. To sell the residence, Adam agreed to pay $4,500 in points related to Steves mortgage. Discuss the tax consequences from the perspective of both Steve and Adam. 61. Reynaldo and Sonya, a married couple, had flood damage in their home due to a faulty water heater during 2009, which ruined the furniture in their garage. The following items were completely destroyed and not salvageable Their homeowners insurance policy had a $10,000 deductible for the personal property, which was deducted from their insurance reimbursement of $12,700, resulting in a net payment of $2,800. Their AGI for 2009 was $30,000. What is the amount of casualty loss that Reynaldo and Sonya can claim on their joint return for 2009? 62. During the year 2009, Ricki, who is not self-employed and does not receive employer reimbursement for business expenses, drove her car 5,000 miles to visit clients, 10,000 miles to get to her office, and 500 miles to attend business-related seminars. She spent $300 for airfare to another business seminar and $200 for parking at her office. Using the car expense rate of 55 cents per mile, what is her deductible transportation expense?

ACC 423 Week 4 IndividualAssignment – Wiley Plus Exercise Qu

ACC 423 Week 4 IndividualAssignment – Wiley Plus Exercise Question 1 (Identify Temporary or Permanent Differences) Listed below are items that are commonly accounted for differently for financial reporting purposes than they are for tax purposes. For each item below, indicate whether it involves: (1) A temporary difference that will result in future deductible amounts and, therefore, will usually give rise to a deferred income tax asset. (2) A temporary difference that will result in future taxable amounts and, therefore, will usually give rise to a deferred income tax liability. (3) A permanent difference. Use the appropriate number to indicate your answer for each Question 2 (Carryback and Carryforward of NOL, No Valuation Account, No Temporary Differences) The pretax financial income(or loss) figures for Synergetics Company are as follows. 2006 $160,000 2007 250,000 2008 90,000 2009 (160,000) 2010 (350,000) 2011 120,000 2012 100,000 Pretax financial income (or loss) and taxable income (loss) were the same for all years involved. Assume a 45% tax rate for 2006 and 2007 and a 40% tax rate for the remaining years. Prepare the journal entries for the years 2008 to 2012 to record income tax expense and the effects of the net operating loss carrybacks and carryforwards assuming Synergetics Company uses the carryback provision. All income and losses relate to normal operations.( In recording the benefits of a loss carryforward, assume that no valuation account is deemed necessary.) Question 3 (Three Differences, No Beginning Deferred Taxes, Multiple Rates) The following information is available for Remmers Corporation for 2010. 1. Depreciation reported on the tax return exceeded depreciation reported on the income statement by $120,000. This difference will reverse in equal amounts of $30,000 over the years 2011-2014. 2. Interest received on municipal bonds was $10,000. 3. Rent collected in advance on January 1, 2010, totaled $60,000 for a 3-year period. Of this amount, $40,000 was reported as unearned at December 31, for book purposes. 4. The tax rates are 40% for 2010 and 35% for 2011 and subsequent years. 5. Income taxes of $320,000 are due per the tax return for 2010. 6. No deferred taxes existed at the beginning of 2010. Question 4 (Second Year of Depreciation Difference, Two Differences, Single Rate, Extraordinary Item) The following information has been obtained for the Gocker Corporation. 1. Prior to 2010, taxable income and pretax financial income were identical. 2. Pretax financial income is $1,700,000 in 2010 and $1,400,000 in 2011. 3. On January 1, 2010, equipment costing $1,200,000 is purchased. It is to be depreciated on a straight-line basis over 5 years for tax purposes and over 8 years for financial reporting purposes. (Hint: Use the half-year convention for tax purposes, as discussed in Appendix 11A.) 4. Interest of $60,000 was earned on tax-exempt municipal obligations in 2011. 5. Included in 2011 pretax financial income is an extraordinary gain of $200,000, which is fully taxable. 6. The tax rate is 35% for all periods. 7. Taxable income is expected in all future years

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the di

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the diverse nature of psychology as a discipline. Address the following items as a part of your analysis: Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychologys major concepts. Identify two examples of subdisciplines and two examples of subtopics within psychology. Examples of major concepts and their subtopics include the following: o Motivation: theory of emotion, and approach and avoidance o Behaviorism: aggression, cheating, and binge drinking o Cognition: cognitive dissonance and false memories How can the subdisciplines and subtopics you identified be applied to other disciplines and venues in contemporary society? Relate the subdisciplines and subtopics to your theoretical perspective. Conclude with your psychological contribution to society in the areas of work, education, health, and leisure. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

CMGT442 Week fourIndividual assignment – Outsourcing Risks P

CMGT442 Week fourIndividual assignment – Outsourcing Risks Paper Prepare a 3- to 5-page paper that identifies the possible risks to an organization in each of the following outsourcing situations: a) the use of an external service provider for your data storage; b) the use of an enterprise service provider for processing information systems applications such as a payroll, human resources, or sales order taking; c) the use of a vendor to support your desktop computers; and d) the use of a vendor to provide network support. The paper will include a risk mitigation strategy for each situation. One mitigation strategy, because of personnel and facility limitations, cannot be proposed in the paper, because it eliminates the outsourcing by bringing the situation in house.

ADJ 255 Individual Assignment Final Project: Criminal Justic

ADJ 255 Individual Assignment Final Project: Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio Resource: Appendix A Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum Create a 2,500- to 2,800-word Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio outlining your opinion on one issue from each of the eight weeks of this class. Select issues about which you feel strongly, and create eight distinct opinion essays to complete your portfolio. See Appendix A for additional project requirements. Cite your sources according to APA requirements. Post your Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio as an attachment (Less)

AED/205 Assignment Resource: Discovery School Web site at ht

AED/205 Assignment Resource: Discovery School Web site at http://school.discovery.com/lessonplans/index.html Locate a lesson plan for the grade level and subject you are interested in on the Discovery School Web site: Select and click on the grade level you are interested in from the Lesson Plans menu on the left. Select and click on a Subject from the list to the right of the Lesson Plans menu. Select and click on a Lesson Plan from the list to the right of the Subject Menu. Describe the lesson in its original form as found on the Discovery School Web site. What is the purpose of the lesson, and what will the teacher and students be doing during the lesson? Adapt the lesson for the following four types of special needs students: Language Learner Gifted Learning disabled (listening comprehension) ADHD Identify and apply a variety of instructional strategies to the lesson to make it effective for all four types of special needs students listed above. Provide a detailed explanation of how the lesson will change once the strategies are applied. Discuss how the adapted lesson will impact all four student types. Copy the Web address for your selected lesson plan and paste it into your assignment as a reference. Test the address to make sure it goes directly to the lesson plan you selected. Cite it according to APA standards. Compose your response in a 1,200- to 1,450-word paper. Use two sources in addition to your text and the Discovery School Web link for the lesson plan. Format your paper according to APA standards and cite references Post your paper as an attachment.

Need a tutorial for this paper Week 2 individual assignmnet

Need a tutorial for this paper Week 2 individual assignmnet Federalism Paper Prepare a 700-1,050-word paper examining the significance of federalism in the United States today. Focus your paper on a specific area, such as healthcare, transportation, homeland security, etc. In your paper, describe the development of federalism and how the various levels of government relate to your chosen topic. Be prepared to discuss your paper in class. The paper should be submitted in proper APA format/style with appropriate citation, formatting and grammar and submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word through the Assignment Link for our course. Be sure to integrate, use, apply and cite the course text, concepts, theories and reference the course learning throughout your writing and critical analysis.

QUESTION: Using recent examples, analyse the dynamics of fin

QUESTION: Using recent examples, analyse the dynamics of financial crisis in Emerging Market Economies, and the subsequent policy responses ANSWER STRUCTURE Emerging Markets 1. Indonesia 2. Taiwan 3. India 4. South / North Korea 5. Vietnam 6. Mexico Dynamics 1. Causes 2. What happened 3. Impacts Government’s actions Answer structure: 1. Discuss development of recent financial crisis in emerging market economies 2. How did it happen when their currencies tumbled down, stock market crashes in June 2013 when Fed Reserve decides to print less monies under QE3. 3. 5 Critical factors to illustrate and discuss or use UCs 3 stage approach a) Balance of trade; ( Trade Deficit for Indo & India) can also discuss on impact of fiscal imbalances b) Inflation; (Due to QE3, lots of hot monies to enter property & stocks) c) Devaluation of currency; (Hot Monies pulled out when Fed wants to reduce QE3 of US$85 billion every month, capital flight of US$5bio within 2 months for Indonesia and also for India, Central Bank raises Interest rates for both countries d) Stock market, (Stock market for both countries reacted very negatively) e) Bonds Market, (Bonds were sold down too) 4. business/economic journals like Bloomberg, Riskscenter, as well as Academic journals 5. Conclusion discuss on the gaps of what the academic journals say vs the real world or current business/economic journals saying. Number of Words: 2,500 words

COM 302 Week 1 Individual Assignment Marketing Communication

COM 302 Week 1 Individual Assignment Marketing Communications Process Please help with the following paper: Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine marketing communications produced by an organization. Select one of the following organizations to use for this assignment: Google, Disney, McDonalds, AT&T, Sprint, Toyota, LOral Paris, or Procter & Gamble. Review information at the selected organizations website and information about the organization in the University Library. Describe how your selected organization exhibits effective marketing communications and how it exhibits integrated marketing communications. Provide specific examples of how your selected organization uses essential components of the promotional mix: advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and direct marketing. Cite at least two references other than the course texts. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.