NOTE! These Micro Assignments can only be accepted if you are IN class in person on the day due and for the discussion because they are meant to be participatory (group discussion) assignments.
Your write up, with a link to any additional article, or the pasted article itself, must be posted 1 hour before class on Turnitin AND you must have the articles you have chosen AND your write-up fully available in class, either electronically or on paper for the discussion.
In the upper right have your CLASS NUMBER, Hist 110, and your full name, Micro Assignment #3 AND THE DATE .
1 to 1 ½ pages double spaced
Choose carefully 2 articles (from a recent reputable source) about sexual harassment (or the #MeToo movement) in our times and be sure they are the best, most useful, most informative articles you can find): 
For each article:
1) Be ready to verbally summarize the article, and defend why you thought it was the best choice. 
2) Using Foner, what are the historical roots of the fight against sexual harassment (in the 1990s see Anita Hill case, and in the 1970?)
3) Are there any analogies, similarities, comparisons, lessons, ideas, or strategies 
from or with the US History we have studied?
4) What are your views? Any further points you might want to make?

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