Math Project 
The project will consist of  long project. Some of the projects are very structured and require you to complete specific steps or problems. Other projects are very open ended and just offer you some mathematical ideas that you need to form into a project. Roughly, a long project would be approximately 10 pages. The projects the due date will be Wednesday, December 6th.
First of all, this is a major, lengthy assignment. To do well you should start immediately, and work on it every day, if possible. You will probably need all the days you have been given in order to complete your project on time.
1. Start today. Let your subconscious work for you. It can do amazing things. If you immerse yourself in the project, solutions will come to you at the strangest times.
2. Read the entire project to see what it’s all about. Don’t worry too much about details the first time through.
3. Next, read the project very carefully and make a list of any unfamiliar words or concepts you encounter. If concepts occur that you’re not sure about, you must understand those ideas before you can do the project. Even if you understand all the words and terms, don’t assume that the project is easy.
4. You may need to do some outside reading. In addition to your textbook, there are lots of books in the library and, of course, on the internet that contain information that might be helpful to you.
5.When you have done the work necessary to complete the project, you need to prepare it in written form. The paper you turn in should have a mix of equations, formulas, and prose to support your conclusions. Use complete sentences. The prose should be written in order to convey to the reader an explanation of what you have done.
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