Listening to music while taking a test may be relaxing or it may be a distracting. To determine which, 25 participants are tested while listening to music and they produce a sample mean of 54.63 and a sample standard deviation of 12. The mean of the population of students who have taken this test without music is 50 ( U=50). Is there a difference in the test scores between the sample of students who listened to the music and the students who have taken this exam without listening to the music?Q 71 do you use a Z or a T test?Q72 is this one tailed or 2 tailed?Q 73 What is the most appropriate null statement?Q 74 The most appropriate null hypothesis in symbols would be?Q 75 what is the critical value associated with alpha= .05, which you should use to evaluate the null?Q 76 The correct sign of the critical value in in Question 75 would be? Q77 What is the numeric value of the standard error?Q78 What is the numeric value of the standard error?Q79 Assume that the numeric value is 1.93, evaluate the null hypothesisQ80 The best conclusion for this example?Q81 Based on your evaluation of the null hypothisis in Q 79, as a researcher you would be more concerned with a type statistical error or a type 2 statistical error.

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