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InstructionsFollow the steps and let me know if you have any questions.The intent of the project is to create a project you can use in your portfolio for your use in the future.You can use the Helen’s Homemade Ice Cream database we started in Assignment 6 or, if you want,create a self-designed project with a database of your choice. However, a database of your ownchoosing must have at least eight tables and you must get my okay before you start: Send me an emailwith a paragraph outlining the database with a list of possible tables with their crayon definitions. Iwant to check that the approach your taking is neither too small nor too big.This project is a significant amount of your semester grade and will require more time than any of theother assignments so, please start in advance as you are likely to encounter hurdles for which you mayneed my assistance. There is no single right answer so use logic, do what you can and achieve as muchas you can.Two PhasesThere are two phases to this project and you’ll make a submission in blackboard for each oneseparately; they each have their own deadlines (see Blackboard). The phases are patterned after thenormal progress of a project: design first followed by construction.In Phase 1 you’ll submit your design which will be your EER diagram along with your commentary anddefinitions of your entities.In Phase 2 you’ll submit your completed database together with a set of queries, stored procedures andtriggers.TIP: Read all the way through the document before you start. E.g. the query that requires an OUTERJOIN will required that you have records setup in your tables that works properly for the join.Phase 1 is worth 33% of the project grade and Phase 2 is were 67%. It doesn’t matter that these twophases may have point values in the assignments different than 33 and 67. The weighted total column inBlackboard scales them properly.Steps for Phase 1See the answers document for point values for each step.1. Develop an executive summary for your project. This is a business, not a technical statement.Imagine you are writing this for a business person who is not technical at all and will look at youlike you’re some kind of a geek if you start tossing technical terms around.Include your topic (Helen’s or your own) as well as scope. Scope is extremely important in IT.When addressing scope be sure to explain what your project is going to include and equally asimportant, what it is not going to include. This summary should be a two paragraphs. Whenyou’re writing a summary like in this the workplace you want to be sure to highlight the benefitsthe system will bring the business.As always in this class, write in complete sentences using good spelling, grammar and Project2 | P a g epunctuation.2. Review my comments from assignments. Use this to revise or create an EER diagram in MySQLWorkbench. Be sure to include cardinality, primary and foreign keys. Add a textbox by eachrelationship line with a verb or verb phrase that titles the relationship. Add a text box in theupper left of your diagram with the name of the project and your name. I expect the diagram tobe neatly laid out; you should try to not have any lines cross as that makes the diagram muchharder to understand. Tip: every entity should be in a relationship with at least one otherentity; no entity should be an “island” on the diagram. Check with me if you feel you need tolegitimately have an entity as an island.3. Write up the crayon definitions for each entity on your diagram.4. Develop a set of business rules to support your executive summary. I would like you to have atleast seven rules that directly address the data (things like an employee works for only onedepartment) that will be converted to constraints. Don’t write something trivial like “AnEmployee’s name can be up to 45 characters.”5. Write at least five output requirements – what kind of data output is necessary such as: show alist of customers with the names of sales reps. Think of reports.Steps for Phase 2Don’t start this until you get my feedback on your Phase 1 submission. You may wind up having to makesignificant changes in your ERR diagram as a result of my feedback. If I make suggestions for changes inyour Phase 1 submission, you need to incorporate them in Phase 2.See the answers document for point values for each step.1. Paste in a screenshot of your EER diagram with any changes as a result of my comments onPhase 1. If I didn’t suggest any changes just paste your diagram in as it was in Phase 1. I wantthis diagram in this document to refresh my memory of what you’re doing2. Enter your crayon definitions for your entities with any changes as a result my comments. Thisis also to refresh my memory.3. Forward Engineer your MySQL Workbench EER diagram to create your database. Include ascreen shot of the tree view of database structure with all the tables expanded so I can see thecolumns.4. Write a script to populate records into your tables – add about 10 records to each table so thatyou have some data to query. You may find the database creation scripts from Lesson 2 helpfulin getting going on this. Include your script in the answer document. After the INSERTstatement for each table, paste in a screenshot of the Result Grid of a SELECT * of the table so Ican see what your data looks like in the table. I like to use the names of dead rock stars fortesting in tables that hold people’s names.5. Create the following types of queries for your database. For each query, provide a one or twosentence explanation of the purpose of the query, the SQL and a screenshot of the Result Grid.Important: In your explanation tell me what the query is for – it’s business purpose, not how itworks. i.e. don’t write “I joined A to B” instead write something like “This query gives a list of all Project3 | P a g eemployees who are currently on parole.”Note: Your queries must have some non-trivial and meaningful business purpose. Here’s aquery that a student submitted in an earlier semester. It has no business purpose and wouldearn no credit.Don’t use SELECT * in any of these queries. Sort every query.Each of these is a SELECT statement containing…5.1. A WHERE and an ORDER BY clause.5.2. And AND or OR in the WHERE clause.Don’t use an OR where IN would work (State=’OH’ OR state=’PA’), and don’t use an ANDwhere BETWEEN would work (date >= ‘2015-12-01’ AND date


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