If the Bank of Tampa has loaned out all the money it wants given its deposits, then its reserve ratio is a. 1% b. 5% c. 10% d. 20% ____ 36. Refer to Table 29-4. Assume that the Bank of Tampa is holding the required percent of deposits as reserves. Also, assume all other banks hold only the required percent of deposits as reserves and that people hold only deposits and no currency. What is the money multiplier? A. 5 b. 10 c. 15 d. 20 ____ 37. Refer to Table 29-4. If the Fed requires banks to hold 5 percent of deposits as reserves, how much in excess reserves does the Bank of Tampa now hold? A. $25 b. $50 c. $55 d. $75 ____ 38. Refer to Table 29-4.

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