I need all three questions listed below answered separately in APA format 
250-300 words each question with one reference for each question. Quality Work, detailed correct grammar. Address everything for each separate question. 

DUE 12/6 8pm EST

Question 1:
During the past year the NLRB adopted new rules regarding the process for union elections. Research these new rules. What was the apparent reason/need for the new rules? What are the new rules and what impact might they have – on your organization/industry or another if yours will not be impacted? From your perspective, are these new rules a positive or negative development?

Question 2:
Why are there differences between the rights of a union representing private employees and a union representing public employees? As financially distressed state and local governments continue to look at the benefits of public employees as a place to cut expenditures, do we need to reconsider the rights and functions of public employee unions? Do public employee unions need additional protections?
Question 3:
Please watch a 7-minute YouTube video on President Obama’s nomination of new members to the National Labor Relations Board. What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you feel that these nominations to the NLRB were unconstitutional? Discuss. 

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