I am doing a group work. We are running barstool sports, my part is Financial Controls.  SO  
Using the demand estimates obtained in STP section above, provide information about the financial projections for the product/service in terms of sales and profitability. At a minimum, this section should include a marketing profitability analysis that involves identifying the type and amount of major revenue and cost items that result from the introduction of the product/service to the market for the company in the first year of operations. Also, explain how you will evaluate the extent to which your marketing plan is “successful” at the end of the first, second and third years (what are your expectations in terms of profitability, market share, return on sales etc. (i.e., your criteria of success)? 

please see my attachment. I m still waiting for the cost and price part so just guess a number first. 

I need 3 power point slides that cover everything must be done by today 12-6-2017 7pm. Must be your own work using the number I provided in attachment. please read carefully. I will let you do the paper after this slides if you do well 

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