Hi, I have an Annotated Bibliography. My professor asked me to get 20 sources about ( Is Technical analysis effective in stock market and investments ?  )

The annotated bibliography should be informative and descriptive and it should be almost 100 words ( summary ) for each source. Basically, you have to read the abstract of each source and  paraphrase the main points ( what the authors or researchers discussed, examined,etc..) Then you should add 1-2 sentences how the source is relevant or useful for my topic?

for sure, APA citation should be added before the paragraph of each source.

What is an Annotated Bibliography? check the website:

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography? check the website : 

my teacher will evaluate me on:
1- APA-formatted and formatting
2- 20 sources
3- At least 6 scholarly/academic journals included.
4- Accurate links and valid sources
5- Fairly accurate summaries
6-Sources relevant to a topic
7- Grammar and spelling.

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