Hi. Here is a Case Study I’ve been given for one of my classes and I was wondering how to answer these questions regarding the case. I have attached the case as a file.1. What do you think will happen as a result of the highway administrator’s goal-setting program? Analyze the implementation process and identify problems of the program.2. Compare the desired outcomes of the highway administrator’s goal setting program to your predicted outcomes of the program, and support your analysis with the relevant concepts and theories. Following are a number of aspects of the situation that you may want to consider in your answer: You may want to consider outcomes such as performance quantity, quality of performance, and jobsatisfaction (assess them individually as the program may have different effects on each of these outcomes). If you think any outcomes may differ during the first few weeks of the new program as compared to severalmonths into the new program, consider explaining those differences when describing each outcome. If you think there may be different outcomes for some road crews than for others, consider explaining thosedifferences.Please note you are not required to examine all of the above aspects. It is better to explain the reasoning for a few expected outcomes well than to list all the outcomes you expect without offering sufficient explanation as to why you expect those outcomes to occur.3. Assuming that it was important to you to resolve the pothole problem, describe what you would have done differently (or why you would have employed the same program) if you were the highway administrator. Please remember to use the concepts and theories from class to explain your answer.

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