For this two-part Assignment, analyze vendors who compete in the HIT software marketplace using the Independent Physician Office Ambulatory EMR Scenario in your Learning Resources. After assessing the capabilities and limitations of at least three possible vendor solutions, for Part 2, you will make a recommendation to your leadership team colleagues on which one or two vendors you would feel most comfortable progressing toward the next steps of system acquisition. Keep in mind that choosing two solutions allows the organization to have potential leverage in negotiations. If your recommendation is one vendor, how do you justify this recommendation?

To Prepare for this Assignment:

Review the Independent Physician Office Scenario in your Learning Resources.
Select three vendors after reviewing the list and the KLAS reports provided in the Learning Resources.

The Assignment—Part 1: Compare and contrast the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of three vendors offering an ambulatory Electronic Health Record to independent physician practices. Construct a table that summarizes your SWOT analysis with an accompanying reference page listing any external resources used in your analysis. Comparisons should include quantitative/evidence-based information as well as qualitative.

(Consider Functional, Technical, Operational, and Strategic for each element of the SWOT)ABCStrengths   Weaknesses   Opportunities   Threats   
The Assignment—Part 2: Write a 2-page executive summary outlining the one or two IT vendors that you recommend engaging for further acquisition activities such as stakeholder demos and request for proposals. The executive summary should be addressed to the members of your fellow executive leadership team. Be sure to clearly outline the strategic, operational, technical (IT) requirements, and market reasons for your recommendation. If you are recommending one vendor, justify your strategy to handle the organizations’ anticipated loss in negotiating leverage.
Note: You should submit both parts as one document, with Part 1 being an appendix to your executive summary. Your Assignment should show effective application of triangulation of content and resources to show your conclusion and recommendations. See the Week 2 Assignment Rubric for additional requirements related to research and professional writing.

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