Drawing from multiple academic sources from this class, as well as external to the class if necessary, please respond (which means thinking critically) to this statement. “The internet will democratize the world.” For example, you can argue against this statement, in support of this statement, mix both together, you can compare the limitations and benefits of each competing perspective, or you can think of something else. I need to see a clear and well-supported thesis – which will be your argument, using evidence/examples taken from this class and from other academic sources for support if needed.
Write a 2 to 3 page paper (no more and no less, 12 pt font and standard margins) and include a minimum of six sources in your reference section. Make sure to cite the sources in the text when you use them. You can use any reference style (APA, Chicago, etc. – you won’t be graded on the reference and citation format – just make sure you try to do it correctly). You will be graded on your knowledge of the topic, your thesis, and your ability to use evidence to support it.

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