Directions: In each of the following sentences some part of the sentence or the entire sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence you will find four ways of writing the underlined part. The first of these repeats the original, but the other three are all different. If you think the original sentence is better than any of the suggested changes, you should choose answer A; otherwise you should mark one of the other choices. Select the best answer and fill in the corresponding lettered space on the answer sheet.In choosing answers, follow the requirements of standard written English; that is, pay attention to acceptable usage in grammar, diction (choice of words), sentence construction, and punctuation. Choose the answer that expresses most effectively what is presented in the original sentence; this answer should be clear and exact, without awkwardness, ambiguity, or redundancy.________________________________________5) In many areas water was long considered a free commodity, available to the farmer at not any more than the price to transport it.A) at not any more than the price to transport itB) at no more than the costs of transportation (X)C) for no more than the price of transporting itD) only for the price that it costs to transport it6) The medical personnel treating the victims displaced by the hurricane claimed that the situation would grow worse, unless having more medical supplies.A) worse, unless having moreB) worse because of needing moreC) worse without moreD) worse without having moreMy answer for 6 is D

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