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Developing an Evidenced-Based Personal Learning Theory

This assignment provides you with the opportunity to develop your personal learning theory. This option involves reading and critically evaluating the body of scholarship related to your views of learning and human behavior. While it is not a literature review on a specific research question per se, it involves the integration of multiple scholarly sources defending and supporting your position. You should consider the following researchers and their work as you develop your theory: Basic Learning Dynamics, Behaviorist Theory, Dynamics of Motivation, John Watson, Classical Conditioning, Pavlov, B. F. Skinner, Operant Conditioning, Reinforcement, Social Learning Theory, Albert Bandura, Resiliency, Cognitive Theory, Jean Piaget, Gestalt, Cognitive Theory, Vygotsky, Intro to Abraham Maslow – Humanistic Theory, Brain Based Learning, Cognitive Dissonance Theory, John Dewey, Constructivism, Carl Rogers – Experiential Learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain, Multiple Intelligences, and Howard Gardner.

This assignment requires you to:
Succinctly, but thoroughly summarize your theory with an example or illustration;
Analyze and synthesize writings and research supporting your view. The majority of this research should be current (i.e. since 2000 or considered seminal work). You should present opposing viewpoints and contrary evidence, if available, and challenge yourself to integrate those views.

Your project should contain a minimum of 12 citations /references, should be approximately 5 pages long (double spaced, 12- point font) excluding references, and it must be in APA format.



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