choose one film or series from the attached list to watch.  DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE THE FILM
For the content of your paper:

     – Give a BRIEF overview of the film.
     – Provide some historical context/background for the people and events portrayed in the film. Connect them to the larger historical themes of the era.
     – Based on your course material (lecture, textbook, course reader), discuss the historical accuracy of the film. Your answer must be more than, “this film is historically accurate.” You may also use outside sources, if you wish (see below).
     ——– Considering when this film/series was made, do you think there was a contemporary message? If so, how does that message relate to the actual historical events?

—- must be more than 500 words in length. Direct quotes do not count toward the required word count. 
should be A+ writing
—work cited page must be included

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