Can someone please help me out with this. I am having the most difficult time. Analyze the income statement of Eastman Kodak located at (Select Chapter 1 from the top menu, then Internet Links in the left-hand menu to access the income statement.) Write a 200-300 word response to the problem. In addition, include your analysis of indicatiors like earnings per share, operating income, and comprehensive income. Here is some information you’ll need: Eastman Kodak Comprehensive Analysis Problem Using the Financial Statement Analysis Template Each chapter in the textbook contains a continuation of this problem. The objective is to learn how to do a comprehensive financial statement analysis in steps as the content of each chapter is learned. Using the 2004 Eastman Kodak Annual Report or Form 10-K, which can be found at, complete the following requirements: (a) Open the financial statement analysis template that you saved from the Chapter 1 Eastman Kodak problem and input the data from the Eastman Kodak income statement. Use the basic earnings per share from continuing operations when inputting the earnings per share amount.When you have finished inputting the data, review the income statement to make sure there are no red blocks indicating that your numbers do not match the cover sheet information you input from the Chapter 1 problem. Make any necessary corrections before printing out both your input and the common-size income statement that the template automatically creates for you. (b) Analyze the income statement of Eastman Kodak. Write a summary that includes important points that an analyst would use in assessing the profitability of Eastman Kodak.

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