(Critical Core Initiative: Signature Assignment) 
An article review is an assignment that shows that you can read a psychological article and interpret its strengths and weaknesses. You must show that you are familiar with research designs, can interpret data, and evaluate the article. It should contain a BRIEF summary of the article and your reaction/evaluation. 
Note: Please respond to each of the heading numbered 1 thru 9. Use heading for each number. (9 Sub-headings)
Part A.  Summary (20 pts)
1) Summarize the article in your own words. (in no more than a brief paragraph). Be sure to describe the research design (Experiment or Correlation?) and give the pertinent and important information.  
Part B:  Reaction (70 points- 10 each)
2) * If an experimental design, identify the independent variable, dependent variable, experimental group, and control group
* If a correlational design, was there a positive, negative, or zero correlation? 
3) Major strengths of the article/research design
4) Major weaknesses of the article/research design 
5)  Was this an ethical study and why/why not? 
6)  Was the participant sample of adequate size, composition, etc.? 
7)  Any bias (researcher or participant)? 
8) How could this experiment/study have been improved? What further studies could come from it?  
Part C: Your Voice (10 points)
9) This is an informal paragraph explaining any problems you may have encountered with the assignment, and sharing something that you learned from it. You may also include any explanations that you think I need regarding your work.
Due: 7 am Eastern Time – Friday December 8, 2017
Article Title:  Characteristics of Adults With Serious Mental Illness in the United States
Household Population in 2007
Link for Article

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