8.28 Show relational algebra expressions for a. the names of all salespeopleb. the names of all salespeople having an ORDER rowc. the names of salespeople not having an ORDER rowd. the names of salespeople having an order with Abernathy Constructione. the salaries of salespeople having an order with Abernathy Constructionf. the city of all CUSTOMERS having an order with salesperson Jonesg. the names of all sales people with the names of customers who have ordered from them. Include salespeople who have no orders.Name Salary120,00042,00036,00050,000118,00034,000(SALESPEOPLE)NumberCustNameSalespersonNameAmount100Abernathy Construction Zenith560200Abernathy Construction Jones1800Abel 480400Amalgamated Housing Abel2500500Abernathy Construction Murphy6000Abel700Jones150(ORDER)IndustryTypeBFBB(CUSTOMER)

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