500 words The Economics of International Trade and Environmentalism
Does globalization have any implications for environmental policy? Justify and support your position.
Often this DB question invokes strong passion on all sides.  For this week please keep the following in mind:
1.  Focus on the positive (data based or objective arguments) and avoid the normative (opinions, values and emotional).
2.  Be skeptical of all data and present a balanced set of data or arguments (both sides of the argument (all three or seven)).
3. Focus on the economic arguments and analysis.
4. Keep in mind that sometimes there are no good alternatives with severe consequences regardless of the choice.
5. When thinking of policy one important feature is whether the policy will actually solve the problem.
500 words Macroeconomic Data 
Discuss the various ways inflation can hinder economic activity. What are some strategies you might use in your life to deal with rising inflation? How might these strategies change if we experienced deflation?

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