#4 Stockbroker (E.G. Questions to consider 1. Which of the characters in the movie appear to be leaders? Why do you see them as leaders? 2. What are the differences of the styles of the leaders in the movie, and to what do you attribute these differences? 3. What appears to be the important decisions that are made in the movie? Do the leaders make these decisions? What are the consequences of these decisions? 4. What are the primary underlying values in the behaviors evidenced in the movie? Discussion questions What is the leadership problem here? Why did each juror change his mind? What effect does the fact that the jurors are not called by their names have on our perception of the characters and their actions? How might we respond differently if the characters names were used? What differences might there have been in the jurys deliberations if there had been women and/or minorities represented? Suppose that the film were set in a smaller city, rather than New York City.

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