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1. Regarding disaster recovery measurements, “RTO” stands for Return To Operations ?A) TrueB) False2. What is the most important attribute of data backups ?A) Verifying that the backup software can be used on multiple serversB) Verifying that the integrity of the backup files and data is validC) To avoid differential backups and do a full-backup everydayD) To make sure the backup media is stored in an easy-access place.3. Why is it a bad idea to backup your data to an external email account as your only good copy ?a) There is no guarantee that your mailbox is being backed up on a regular basis by the email provider.b) Your data could be accessed by other usersc) Your data will need the subject “BACKUP”d) Your attachments will be deleted on the next holiday.4. Which choice below would NOT contribute to a lower RTO ?a) Organize data into folders for better retrieval and archivingb) Conduct practice runs of the recovery and installation stepsc) Stack the all of the backup tapes on a desk next to the tape drive so the operator can see them all.d) Try to eliminate manual steps in the recovery process5. Which choice below would add to RTO time and must be considered as a valid reason ?a) Data backup tapes could be stored in a dark, dry room or in a bright room.b) The primary IT backup operator was out sick when a restore took place.c) Restore operations could take place on a regular business day or a weekend day.d) Data encryption during backups will lengthen the RTO time because the data must also be decrypted while being restored.6.Which choice below completes the statement:If we have to restore data from backups and the IT operator is out sick that day, then…a) …the company will have to give all workers the day off.b) …the primary operator will have to call in to work and manually walk someone through the restore process, giving them the login credentials over the phone. c) …the designated second operator will have to retrieve the backup system login credentials from a secure holding location, which will add time to the RTO.d) …the business will have to wait until the operator gets better and comes back to work.7. If you were backing up all of your ISO533 course files with your UCumberlands backups, which choice below would actually lengthen your RTO of your ISOL533 files in the event you had to restore only the ISOL533 files?a) Encrypt the ISOL533 files during backup to further protect unauthorized access.b) Copy the ISOL533 files into a separate folder to better organize backup files.c) Compress the ISOL533 files up into their own .ZIP file so you only have to backup and restore one file.d) Choice 2 and 38. Is it possible to achieve an RTO of zero (0)?a) Yes, but you would need multiple copies of backup tapes to restore from. The more tapes, the faster the recovery.b) Yes, but you would need an operator stationed at the restore station in the data center 24 hours per day and every day of the year.c) Yes, but you would need a completely 100% redundant, hot-stand-by infrastructure (IT servers, applications, data, networks, etc).d) No, it is not possible.9. After a data recovery, the most important aspect of the recovery is validating that the recovered data or files are valid.a) Trueb) False10. The Bluelock website described a few acronym definitions. If you needed to restore a database to the exact state is was in on Monday, November 13th at 5:00pm, which of the below are you describing?a) RTOb) RPOc) DRaaSd) PTO



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