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1.    read questions below and then go to the link State of America’s Children 2014 Handbook, and make responses to questions  1 – 7

State of America’s Children 2014 Handbook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
1) What are the six identified policy priorities?
2) A. How many children in the US are poor and what is the ratio for the entire population?
B. What are five things that must be done to end childhood poverty?
3) A. How many US children and pregnant women are uninsured?
B. What must be done for these uninsured women and children?
4)  A. What Percentage of infants and children 0 – 3 years-old are enrolled in early Head Start?
B. What is the percentage of eligible children that are enrolled in the program?
C. Why is it important to enroll more children in early childhood education?
5) A. What percentage of Black, Latino and White 4th grade children can read at grade level?
B. Of the 30 industrialized market economies where do US children rank in reading, math and 
C. What must be done to address and solve this US problem?
6)  A. How many US children are abused or neglected each year and at what rate?
B. What are the financial costs annually?
C. What other costs should US society be concerned with? Explain your answer.
D. With such clear solutions being offered, why are so many US children still being abused and 
7) A. Why do you think there is such a difference in the chances of a Black, Latino, and White boys 
going to prison? 
B. If there were figures given for Native Americans and Asians what would be your assumption 
as to which group would suffer the most neglect and abuse? Which group would have the 
highest percentage of children in prison? Explain your answers.

2.   The Data Behind Hollywood’s Sexism (Links to an external site.)Links to an external Professor Stacy Smith
answers each of the following questions for this captioned film:
1. What are the categories of difference addressed in professor Smith’s presentation?
2. What percentage of roles have gone to woman in the Top 100 films between 2007 and 2015?
3. What percentage of these roles went to African Americans, Asian Americans, known females with disabilities or known LGBTQ women?
4. What is the epidemic of invisibility?
5. Of the top 100 films examined what was the percentage of female leads, under-represented female leads and female leads 45 years or older?
6. List the each of the isms addressed in this presentation:
7. What are three possible solutions to the problems discussed in this presentation according to professor Smith?
8. What is your opinion about the third solutions offered by professor Smith? Explain why you hold such an opinion? 



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