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-1 page single spaced
⁃Pick one piece, not the whole concert
⁃Why you selected that piece, use footnotes if you provide
⁃Let’s say you chose Triovsky, talk about the relationship
between the chords and the piano..
⁃How the piano transformed you (structure, dynamics, was it in a
sonata form..)
⁃Write about your reaction using the musical elements that we’ve
spoken in class
⁃Don’t include anything like : “Tonight I attended the hunter
concert… because it stuck out to me… instead include form, author
of the spice, Reactions, what you liked about it, what you thought
was lacking
⁃Don’t talk about what they are wearing or anything irrelevant
just talk about the music
The essay on Musical Style and Performance is based on your
required attendance at one concert of Western art music during the
second half of the semester. The easiest way to complete the
concert report component is for students to attend a Hunter
Symphony Concert: ( whoever wants to do
this assignment for me will need to include a ticket of a concert
as well)
You will write a 2-page essay on the music that you hear at the
concert (standard margins, double spaced), and attach the ticket
and program. Choose one work from the concert and follow these
•Identify the type (vocal, instrumental, program, absolute,
etc.) and the style period (i.e. Baroque, Classical, etc.). Where
possible, draw comparisons to music of other styles.
•Summarize the features of the type and the style period in your
own words.
•Describe two musical elements (e.g. dynamics, tone color,
tempo, etc.) as you heard them used in the piece.
•Discuss the effect of these elements on your listening
experience and mood
•Discuss how the piece fits the context of its type and style


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