1.Include chart of headlines (1 page) 
2.Summarize trends from newspaper headlines and explain what surprised you and what you expected and why (1 page) 
3.Use 5 concepts from the course to describe your region (1 page) 
4.Find a map of your region from the TEXTBOOK or the internet (MUST CITE) and paste it into your essay (1/2 page) 
5.Describe what the map shows (1/2 page)

Example summary of a trend(if topic will repeat again in 4 weeks):  
           I identified five trends in my regional newspaper headlines: Trump, the Vegas shooting, hurricanes, Spanish separatism, and California fires. 
           The first trend I identified was California fires. There were six articles related to California fires. They described the destruction of property, including of houses and offices, and the number of people who died in the fires. I was not surprised to see many articles about California fires because I know that fires occur in California due to natural and human causes. 

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